Get To Know The Village

As the premier gastronomic event on the Malaysian calendar, Taste MIGF is primarily famed for its world-class selection of food. However, there is much more to the occasion than just a stroll around the Theatre of Cuisines as the adjacent Epicure International Gourmet Village and LuxuryPlus

Showcase have you covered for all your lifestyle needs. Take a look at a selection of the vendors showcasing their products during both days of Taste MIGF.

Food, Glorious Food

While the Theatre of Cuisines is the go-to destination for all foodies at Taste MIGF, the Gourmet Village hosts its own fair share of delectable gastronomy on which to feast. One such item to be found in The Village is The Castania Nut Boutique – offering an exclusive array of assorted fresh, dry and roasted nuts, dried fruit, chocolates, candies and associated gifting items.

Zhang Village meanwhile is aiming to keep the spirit of local delicacies alive - carefully curated by Master Cheong Hoong over the decades, recipes from each state in Malaysia have been meticulously sourced and kept in their original state for a taste of true heritage.

I’ll Drink To That

With great food comes great drink as the beverage options available in The Village are plentiful. Luxurious liqueursfrom Monin, fine vintages from Artisan Cellars, exquisite champagnes from Angel and beers, ciders and spirits presented by Luen Heng make up the drinks menu.

Additionally, for those seeking a healthier lifestyle, Jeunesse Reserve contains a unique blend of superfruits containing valuable antioxidants with no added sugars, artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners.

Inspired By What You See?

If the Master Chef cooking demonstrations and Festival Master Chefs have you feeling the call to become a chef in your own right, the Epicure International Gourmet Village has everything you need to kickstart your career in the kitchen. Both Sunway Le Cordon Bleu and the Berjaya University College of Hospitality will host alumni and instructors alike providing detailed information on how to sign up to their respective schools as well as present cooking demos in the Village itself.

Spruce Up Your Home

Whether filling your home with fine art from Lotus Arts de Vivre, uplifting its spiritual properties with Young Living Essential Oils, or stocking up your kitchen with the latest appliances from Bamix, the weekend of Taste MIGF is your one-stop shop for the finest in home improvement.

Alternatively, Fragrance Du Bois will be showcasing their outstanding range of Eau de Parfum in the LuxuryPlus Showcase, so be sure to get yourself ready for any occasion with their tantalising scents.

Win A Trip To Macao!

Known for its intriguing mix of cultures, Macao is gaining popularity as one of the world’s hottest tourist destinations. During Taste MIGF, the Macao Government Tourism Office will be promoting some of the city’s biggest upcoming events, in particular the Suncity Group 63rd Macau Grand Prix, which falls very much in line with this year’s MIGF theme – High Octane Chefs!

A Grand Prix Simulator contest will take place over the course of the weekend, where the three fastest driverswill get to travel to Macao to witness the Grand Prix on 17-20 November. At the booth, curious visitors can also discover more about the Macao Light Festival, Macao International Marathon and many more exciting events.