Epicure Lifestyle Workshops

Taste MIGF also features a range of exclusive Workshops including cooking classes, wine appreciation courses and other lifestyle subjects.

Over the course of two days, over 40 workshops and classes will be available for you to meet and learn from some of the best Masters in the gourmet profession in an intimate classroom environment. Were you to pay for it, each class would be worth hundreds in entrance fees, but at Taste MIGF, we are offering this to you at no cost! Each workshop will be approximately 90 minutes in duration.

Master Chefs Cooking Classes

Pan Fried Sturgeon Steak in Mushroom Ricotta Emulsion
Chef Jochen Kern
Saturday, 24 September
1pm-2pm, Room 2

Presented by: Berjaya University College of Hospitality

The jovial Chef Jochen Kern carries a lifetime of experience under his belt, having managed the kitchens of many of the world’s finest hotels. As Director of the School of Culinary Arts at Berjaya UCH, Chef Jochen is leading the way in training the next generation of chefs – a role he was always born to do. His cooking classes have proven among the most popular at Taste MIGF, packed with insight, knowledge and always full of fun. Register early if you plan on catching him this year!

Blue Mountain Venison Loin prepared Sous Vide Style, with Celeriac Mousse and Candied Apricots
Chef Helmut Lamberger
Saturday, 24 September
1pm-2pm, Room 1

Presented by: Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Executive Chef of the Renaissance KL Hotel, Helmut Lamberger is an award-winning National Global Master Chef with a lifetime of experience in some of the world’s best kitchens. If you’ve always wondered how to cook meat sous-vide, this is the class for you as Chef Helmut will whip up a melt-in-your-mouth Blue Mountain Venison Loin.

Mediterranean Rev Your Engine
Chef Kouteiba Fakih
Saturday, 24 September
2pm-3pm, Room 2

Presented by: Imara Mediterranean Cuisine

Get to know the flavours of the Mediterranean Basin with Chef Kouteiba, one of the MIGF Master Chefs. The accomplished chef has played a key role in opening a number of restaurants in his career and possesses extensive knowledge of French pastries as well as Arabic, Turkish, South African and Asian desserts.

Crispy Yam Quail Egg topped with Capelin Caviar
Chef Choong Siew Lee
Saturday, 24 September
3pm-4pm, Room 1

Presented by: Berjaya University College of Hospitality

Chef Siew Lee was drawn to the kitchen aged just 13, experimenting with ingredients from her mother’s pantry, helping her prepare recipes for the family meal. Her love of sharing knowledge has led her to teach Cuisine and Operations classes in simulation kitchens, meticulously honing the creative skills of her students.

Surf & Turf – Ravioli of Poultry & Lobster Thermidor
Chef Mandy Goh
Saturday, 24 September
3pm-4pm, Room 2

Presented by: Resorts World Genting

Now in her second MIGF, the talented Chef Mandy brings a youthful exuberance and a penchant for flair to the kitchen. Having studied all over the world, picking up valuable insight from some of the world’s top chefs, Mandy’s versatility shines through in every one of her meticulous dishes.

Ikan Tenggiri Assam Pedas
Chef Azim Bin Amran
Saturday, 24 September
5pm-6pm, Room 2

Presented by: Berjaya University College of Hospitality

Chef Azim is a specialist when it comes to Malaysian cuisine. He spent his formative years working at a number of hotels in Perak, refining his skills along the way. If you’ve ever wondered how to make the perfect Ikan Tenggiri Assam Pedas, there is no chef better suited to the job than Chef Azim.

Discover Caviar of the East
Ng Lee Chin
Saturday, 24 September 4pm-5pm, Room 1
Sunday, 25 September 2pm-3pm, Room 2

Presented by: Yàn Society

Discover the many uses and benefits of Yàn Society’s exquisite bird’s nest, rich in a peptide hormone known as Epidermal Growth Factor which rejuvenates cells, makes your skin glow and counters the effects of aging. Ng Lee Chin will present a range of recipes which utilise this super ingredient in its many forms, as delicious as they are healthy.

Drip Cake Decorating - Chocolate Nutella Cake with Dark Chocolate drips & Chocolate Toppings
Melissa Wong
Saturday, 24 September 4pm-5pm, Room 2
Baking for Kids
Sunday, 25 September 4pm-5pm, Room 2

Presented by: In The Clouds Cakes

Founder of In The Clouds Cakes, Melissa Wong dedicates herself to making each one of her baked creations unique. Learn how to frost a cake using proper techniques, how to melt chocolate and make chocolate shards, and how to give your cakes the wow factor.

Puan Sri Nisa’s Signature Dish
Puan Sri Nisa
Sunday, 25 September
1pm-2pm, Room 2

Puan Sri Nisa is the author of “I Am Not A Chef”, a unique lifestyle cookbook with recipes including Chili Crab, Asam Pedas and Baked Lemon Masala Chicken. Inspired by those who enjoy her cooking, Puan Sri Nisa formulated her own readyto- cook paste for two of her most popular dishes, Asam Pedas and Fish Curry. She also has a cooking segment on Nona TV3, currently airing every Sunday where she shares her special recipes.

Fresh Pasta from Scratch – Home Made Angel Hair with Tiger Prawns and Basil Pesto
Chef Marco Violano
Sunday, 25 September
1pm-2pm, Room 1

Presented by: The Club Saujana Resort Kuala Lumpur

With a creative soul and a passionate drive, Chef Marco is adept at constantly bringing innovative new takes on classic dishes. His ability to expertly instruct his kitchen associates in the preparation, cooking, and presentation of food to the highest standards ensures that he retains an enviable track record when it comes to impressing customers.

Fricasse of Duck Breast
Chef Rodolphe Onno
Saturday, 24 September
2pm-3pm, Room 1

Presented by: Sunway Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia

Technical Director and Cuisine Chef Instructor of Sunway Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Rodolphe Onno brings a passion, determination and ambition which has carried him into Michelin-starred restaurants in his home country of France. He brings more than 20 years of top experience to the kitchen.

Seafood Delights
Chef Naim Bin Hasnan
Sunday, 25 September
2pm-3pm, Room 1

Presented by: Southern Rock Seafood Kitchen

Chef Naim’s appetite for discovery has taken him to far-flung destinations, picking up culinary nuances that have shaped his technique over the years. From Maghreb, where he learned the colourful cuisines of the Amazigh Berbers, to Russia where he spent two years getting to know the uniquely Turkic and Slavic blend of cooking, Chef Naim’s influences range far and wide.

Chef Siti’s Signature Recipe
Chef Siti Mastura Alwi
Sunday, 25 September
3pm-4pm, Room 2

A qualified instructor with a Diploma in Baking, Mdm Siti Mastura Alwi is well known for her ability to whip up delicious dishes, cakes, breads, kuehs and pastries. Hers is the name behind the company Siti’s Delights, which not only provides individual baking workshops, but also conducts Corporate Teambuilding Workshops. Don’t miss this award-winning chef divulge some of her trade secrets.

Modern Chinese Innovative Cuisine
Chef James Ho Soon Boon
Sunday, 25 September
3pm-4pm, Room 1

Presented by: Ruyi & Lyn

Heading up the kitchen at Ruyi & Lyn since its opening last year, Chef James has made quite the name for himself, churning out highly creative dishes that balance flavour with aesthetics to striking effect. His Festival Menu this year is a clear example of this so head to the Theatre of Cuisines to try it out. Meanwhile, don’t miss this Master Chef divulge some of his secrets in this much anticipated cooking class!

Fillet of Red Mullet Escabeche
Chef David Morris
Sunday, 25 September
4pm-5pm, Room 1

Presented by: Sunway Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia

Surrounded by the rich bounties of the land and sea of the English countryside while growing up, young David Morris was always destined to make food a large part of his life. Known for his craft, knowledge, patience and good humour, Chef David has been a well-respected member of Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia since 2014, helping to develop manuals and short courses for the syllabus.

Epicure Lifestyle Workshops

Coffee Appreciation Masterclass
Fergus Lim
Saturday, 24 September
1pm-2.30pm, Room 4

Presented by: Berjaya University College of Hospitality

With over two decades of experience in the coffee industry, Fergus Lim is a man that knows coffee better than just about anybody else in the region. Having roasted beans and later supplyed them, Fergus brings a wealth of specialised knowledge to the coffee table.

General Knowledge of Wines
Sebastien Le Francois
Saturday, 24 September, 3pm-4.30pm, Room 3

Wine & Cheese Pairing
Sunday, 25 September, 1pm-2.30pm, Room 3
Presented by: Jasons Food Hall

Jasons Food Court has arguably the best wine and cheese selection in the country – and this is down to the expertise of Sebastian Le Francois. As a consultant sommelier lecturer at Taste Vin Enterprise, Le Francois knows and intricately understands the finer points of wine and all its fringe subjects. Anyone with an interest in the subject should not miss this workshop!

Sake & Shochu
Thomas Ling
Saturday, 24 September, 1pm- 2.30pm, Room 3 5pm-6.30pm, Room 3

Topic: Wines of the Beautiful South ! Carmenere, Malbec, Pinotage!

Presented by: Entwine Consultancy

Thomas Ling travels the world conducting courses and holding talks. He possesses an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of wine, liquors and is a Certified Sommelier of the Court of Master Sommeliers, UK and a Certified Specialist of Wine and Spirits with the Society of Wine Educators, USA.

Young Living Essential Oils – The Perfect Daily Wellness and Lifestyle Tool
Annie Chan
Saturday, 24 September
3pm-4.30pm, Room 5

Presented by: Young Living Essential Oils

Annie has been a full time certified yoga teacher for the past decade exploring Buddhist and Yoga philosophy. Mixing traditional teachings with recent discoveries, Annie’s talks are hugely eye-opening for all. Join Annie for one of her famously enlightening talks and take your first steps toward better daily wellness.

Topic: Hasumi Immunotherapy for Cancer: A New Paradigm
Dr Beh Chor Kim
Sunday, 25 September
1pm-2.30pm, Room 5

Presented by: Mahameru International Medical Centre

A Senior Medical Consultant at Heartscan International and registered with the Malaysian Medical Council and Japanese Ministry of Health, accomplished surgeon Dr Beh has been collaborating with Dr Kenichiro Hasumi in the clinical application of HITV immunotherapy for patients with advanced cancers. Along with publishing several research papers in Cardiothoracic Surgery and Cardiology, he has also pioneered state-of-the-art techniques using Electron Beam Computed Tomography.

Glenfiddich Whisky Masterclass
Saturday, 24 September
1pm-2.30pm, Room 5
5pm-6.30pm, Room 5

Presented by: William Grant and Sons

Glenfiddich is the world’s best-selling single malt whisky offering vintages ranging from 12- to 50-years-old. Learn all about Glenfiddich’s history, how whisky is distilled, what to look for while tasting whisky, the difference that age makes on a bottle and much more.

Wine Tasting for Dummies
Datuk Iain Lo
Sunday, 25 September
3pm-4.30pm, Room 3

This light-hearted wine tasting course is aimed at beginners and more experienced wine enthusiasts alike, conducted by a Malaysian amateur wine taster. You will have the opportunity to taste different varieties of red and white wine from different regions of the world, reflecting the different styles of wine making. The objective of the class is to help you discover the wine and grape variety most suited to your palate.

Dalmore 12YO & Dupuy VSOP Cocktails
Din H
Sunday, 25 September
5pm-6.30pm, Room 3

Presented by: Luen Heng
A veteran of Singapore’s nightlife industry, Din’s experience behind the bar is extensive, having worked in some of the world’s top nightlife destinations. His passion for knowledge and mixing drinks places him among the foremost pioneers of the industry, doubling also as brand consultant, trainer and ambassador for world renowned spirit companies.

Successful Personal Branding through Networking
Steve Wee
Sunday, 25 September
5:00pm - 6:30pm Room 5

Presented by: Presented by School of Charisma
Personal Branding is one of the best ways to strengthen personal and professional relationships. However, people are forgetful. For them to remember you, the key is sustainability. In other words, you need to be seen constantly. How can you do that? This is where networking comes into place. In personal branding, it’s not what you know, but it’s who you know that matters. Network at the correct place with the correct people not only help you develop better relationships, but ensure your success in building a long lasting brand.